Organic Color Systems is a professional hair color that delivers incredible results with only the most natural and organic ingredients. Its the only hair color that is:

  • ammonia free (as it’s caustic, corrosive and hazardous)
  • has supreme gray coverage
  • ECOCERT* Certified Organic ingredients
  • certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA
  • rich with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids

Other colors contain ammonia, high levels of PPD’s and resorcinol which are known to cause skin reactions, allergies and cancer.


Organic Color Systems gentle, oil-based delivery gives hair a brilliant color, shine and softness. It does not stain skin and there is no irritation or burning of the scalp. It has a pleasant herbal scent and maintains the hair’s essential moisture and protein levels. Due to fact that ammonia is not present to swell the cuticle, permanently damaging the hair,
Organic Colors System delivers vibrant, longer lasting color that fades on level. Its important to follow up the coloring service with sulfate-free shampoo and hair care products at home. Onesta haircare is highly recommended.

Hair salon. Application of cosmetics.

Things you should know before booking your Organic Colors Systems:

  • it still contains up to 2% PPD’s to effectively cover gray hair (2% in darker colors to 0.6% in lighter shades). If you have allergies or concerns, please show up minimum 24 hrs before your appointment to do a patch test. If there is no reaction we can proceed to color your hair as usual. Sensitive individuals can still color their hair with another brand available by order at the studio.
  • OCS is very gentle, so it needs to be applied on clean hair (washed that morning) vs ammonia-containing colors that need natural oil build up to protect scalp
  • hair has to process for 40-50 min depending on gray percentage and hair thickness
  • at the sink color is emulsified (massage!!) to encourage separation of oil and pigment, thus ensuing long-lasting color (only for one shade coloring, as this would blend in any highlights in the hair)
  • to make sure vibrant colors don’t fade please make sure to use only sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
  • enjoy the attention as you walk out with beautiful, shiny and luxuriously soft hair!

Portrait Of A Beautiful Girl With Dyed Hair, Professional Hair CNO LIMITSFashion Model With Dyed Hair

NO LIMITS is a range of semi-permanent hair color that comes in bright fashion colors. Best of all it is organic, hypoallergenic and free of harmful ingredients such as ammonia, PPD and PTD. These products also contain no animal products, have not been tested on animals and have even been certified “Cruelty Free” by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).


PPD also known as Para-Phenylenediamine and PTD or Paratoluenediamine are aniline dyes that are commonly used in hair color pigments and are derived from petroleum or coal tar. These dyes in large concentrations have been known to cause allergic reactions in some people that can result is skin, eye and bronchial irritations. This allergy can prevent people who desire to have their hair colored from doing so. Thankfully, the No Limits range contains neither of these dyes and is a welcomed alternative to traditional hair color. No Limits is formulated with Soil Association certified organic ingredients. Some of these key organic ingredients include, Aloe, Chamomile Flower Extract, Coconut Plant, and Comfrey Root Extract


  • Direct Dye (No Peroxide Needed)
  • Use in Salon or Sell for at Home Use
  • Refresh Shades in Between Coloring
  • Available in Orange, Yellow, Red, Violet
  • Deposit Only (Does not Lift or Lighten)
  • Change Tone Temporarily
  • Vibrant on Pre-Lightened Hair
  • Easy to Use, Convenient 150ml Pump
  • Lasts Between 6 and 12 Washes

Finally, those who are allergic to the dyes in traditional hair colors or those who seek a fun, funky, look can do so in the most healthy, organic way possible with No Limits.