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Stylist Grace Morin has over 20 years experience transforming the hair- and lives- of her clients. She has worked in a number of downtown Toronto salons and spas and is an imaginative professional who loves what she does. Every haircut is highly customized to texture, length and your personality. Every color is finely tuned to reflect your style.





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Over the years, Grace noticed that many salons used harsh and often dangerous chemicals on their clients’ hair while still insisting on their safety. This became a major area of concern for her. With education in natural health, she uses only truly¬†effective and safe products, and counsels clients on supplementation to ensure a more holistic approach to having a head full of healthy hair.





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Kind Hair Shop is for those who appreciate the character of a vintage-meets-modern setting. Located in an old factory building in downtown Toronto, this private and casual setting ensures a relaxed experience that you’ll truly enjoy. Hardwood floors, exposed ceiling fixtures and expansive space meet modern design to create a New York loft feel. Its a place where time seems to stop, where you’ll experience and unhurried transformation.




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The Kind Hair Shop is a beauty and wellness studio with a mission to inspire guests to feel and look their best in a positive, cruelty-free environment